Mind Expander (Premium version)

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Mind Expander (Premium version)

Jaakko Järviniemi
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I created a free tool to make you smarter: Mind Expander. It allows you to learn about concepts and ideas you've probably never heard of, one quick flashcard at a time.

Here's what you get if you buy the Premium version of Mind Expander:

Exclusive concepts I won't add to the free website version

Get even smarter with concepts I reserve only for the Premium version.

See all concepts in one list

The free version randomizes what you see, so it's easy to miss concepts or see the same concept many times. With the Premium version, you'll see everything in order and can easily come back to your favorite concepts.

You'll get access to a Google Slides file where every concept is in one long list.

I'll send you an email every 5 concepts

So when there are 60 concepts, 65, 70...

This way, you for sure won't miss anything.

Lifetime access

You'll see every new concept I'll ever add.

About pricing

Since more concepts = more valuable product, I should increase the price of the Premium version whenever I add more concepts. However, I want to keep this affordable to everyone, regardless of who you are and where you live.

So I've settled on a "pay what you want" pricing, with a minimum of $10.

  • If you can only pay $10, please do that.
  • If you feel the product is worth more and you can pay more, please do that. Anything over $10 is a subsidy for those who can't afford to pay beyond the minimum.

The price was $10 when I had 5 concepts, and it is still $10 now that there are 50 concepts.

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