How to Get Rich (by getting lucky)

Jaakko Järviniemi
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In 2018, Naval wrote the famous thread:

What about the counterpart - getting rich, by getting lucky? Can you engineer luck?

And let’s be clear: people get rich by getting lucky all the time.

We dismiss their success (saying “oh they just got lucky”) when we really should be asking how they got lucky.

It’s time to stop blaming the world for being so random and start taking advantage of that randomness instead.

We don't realize what luck is

We’ve been told that we shouldn’t rely on luck. We've also been told that most successes are random, due to luck. So what’s up? That doesn’t add up. If I succeed, it should be due to luck, but somehow I cannot do anything about it?

Some folks dismiss successful people altogether, saying they got lucky, that we can’t replicate their lottery tickets. Some people study their morning routines and buy the same brand of cereal.

Clearly we haven’t figured this one out yet. We don't know what luck is. But I tried to understand it anyway, and I've concluded that...

Luck can be influenced

Contrary to popular belief, you can influence your luck.

In this ebook, I share every strategy I know about manufacturing luck on the internet.

Marathoner's luck ("Persist long enough to get lucky.")

  • Maximize time in the game

    • Avoid dying

    • Keep showing up

  • Maximize your internet fingerprints

    • Optimize for discoverability

    • Optimize for quantity

    • Optimize for likability

Sprinter's luck ("When you spot an opportunity, run as fast as you can.")

  • Opportunity + Optionality = Luck

    • How to spot an opportunity

    • How to create optionality

Blacksmith's luck ("Forge your own success.")

  • Turn small wins into big wins

  • Do the same thing over and over again until you get your win

  • Cold messages to create your own opportunities

  • Help people out permissionlessly

    • Product-influencer fit (This is the strategy I used to turn one of my tweets into a 4x increase in my Twitter following, overnight)

This ebook will change the way you think about luck and internet success forever. You'll realize what luck really is and how you, too, can take advantage of it.

1 rating
  • Super-condensed 35-page ebook + access to all future updates

  • Super-condensed 35-page ebook + access to all future updates


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How to Get Rich (by getting lucky)

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